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"Design Your Decade"

What is 'Design Your Decade'?

  1. Design Your Decade: Balancing personal, professional, and societal dimensions, individuals strive to create a meaningful life that aligns with their values and positively contributes to the world. (360 Whole Life Design)
  2. Design Your Decade: Envisioning dream potential and imagination, individuals set ambitious enhavim to shape the next ten years according to their aspirations. (Dream Exploration Phase)
  3. Design Your Decade: Remaining flexible to the possibilities and opportunities presented, individuals embrace change and adjust their course as needed to stay aligned with their evolving aspirations. (Adaptation and Flexibility Approach).
  4. Design Your Decade: Committing to exerting consistent and purposeful action towards their vision, individuals overcome challenges and obstacles along the way to see it to fruition. (Action Implementation Stage)
  5. Design Your Decade: Achieving a transformational outcome where the end culmination of the 10-year design into reality is different and better than originally planned, reflecting personal growth and unimagined potentials realized. (Transformational Outcome Achievement)
  6. Design Your Decade: Collaborating and inspiring each other, individuals form communities of like-minded individuals who work together to turn their dreams into reality over the span of a decade. (Community Empowerment Network)

Design Your Decade with Decade Intelligence Design and the DI Designer to masterfully bring together the best of Human-Centric Design to Your Decade.